Up and over garage door security

There are many advantages to owning an up and over garage door. Attractive, practical, excellent value for money and simple to install in your garage, their popularity is easy to understand. This style of garage door is unfortunately susceptible to burglary unless they are fitted with a robust security lock system.

The up and over garage door mechanism – which can be forced at the top unless properly reinforced – makes them more vulnerable to break-ins than a sectional or roller door system. They are also at higher risk of having their locks cut out or drilled.

Everyone has the right to feel safe and protected on their property. Having an unsecured up and over garage door places any valuables inside at risk and if the garage is attached to your property, it may also give burglars easy access into your home.

Up and over garage door security locks

One of the most common ways of breaking into a garage is by damaging or even removing the lock completely. An estimated 25% of burglars snap or drill locks in order to gain entry – a method that requires no technical skill and yields results in under 10 seconds with an ordinary lock.

For this reason it is best to have a garage door with a lock that you can rely on. For optimum up and over garage door security locks should be fitted with an anti-snap cylinder and reinforcing plate in order to protect the mechanism in case of attacks.

white modern minimalist garage interior with up and over garage door

white modern minimalist garage interior with up and over garage door

It is also better to have multiple locks and security systems on your garage door rather than one, increasing the amount of time a burglar will take to break in. As most garages are visible from the street, this is an excellent way of deterring burglaries.

The risks of traditional up and over garage doors have prompted great innovation in order to equip up and over garage doors such as the Garador Guardian to combat forced entry.

Not only does the Garador Guardian offer lock body protection and an anti-snap cylinder, there are also eight high-security braces at the back of the door, as opposed to two, which prevent the door from being forced. The frame itself is made from galvanised steel.

What is an up and over garage door defender?

Simply fitting a better security lock is not the only way to protect your belongings. Installing an up and over garage door defender as well will make your garage that much more secure.

Defenders come in all shapes and sizes, but a specially designed up and over garage door defender is simple in principle. It is bolted to the ground in front of the door and blocks the outward movement of the door so that it is impossible to open even if the lock has been broken or removed.

When purchasing an up and over garage door defender, make sure that it can be securely attached to the concrete, tarmac, brick or other substance that makes up your drive. When you come to use your garage, the defender unit is removed via a lock with inaccessible pins and key.

The garage door defender is also highly visible, as it is situated in the front and centre of your garage, which can act as a powerful deterrent to opportunistic thieves.

The combination of high quality up and over garage security locks and defenders will ensure that your property is safe and that the only person who has access to your garage is you.

At SDM Doors we are committed to guaranteeing your safety and peace of mind and we source the most secure up and over garage doors available. Get in touch to discover how our team of experts can help you improve your up and over garage door security to protect against burglary.