Our range of Origin Bifolding doors are the UK’s leading product. British designed and manufactured they come with many features and innovations.

Manufactured with meticulous precision our Origin folding doors come with an unmatched 20 year guarantee. In addition there is substantial colour choice including an authentic wood effect finish.

We believe the Origin folding door to be one of the very best doors in the UK. Manufactured exclusively by Origin, 100% British, these superb bifolding doors offer you class leading design, an exceptional guarantee and a host of features designed about you.

Origin bifolding doors are suitable for any type of property. You can choose from a huge choice of door opening options, from 2 pane folding doors right up to 8 pane doors. In addition we offer the stunning open corner bifolding door.

Y0u can choose from doors that open in or out, slide to the left, to the right or in opposite directions. You can even choose bifolding doors with access leaves or French doors to give you highly accessible and versatile doors without having to slide all the leaves back.

Whether you are looking to replace your old French Doors or sliding patio doors or you are building a new extension, Origin doors are ideal

It makes absolute sense that with a door having more panels than a french door or sliding door, finger protection should be built-in.

Look closely at Origins superbly crafted bifold door and the joints between each folding panel feature an anti-finger trap design.

If you have little children or even for adults you’ll appreciate the importance of a safety feature which stops fingers getting trapped.

They make this possible thanks to clever engineering and thoughtful design. Their doors feature a customer designed interlocking joint gasket. Specially made from a durable yet flexible thermoplastic elastomer it avoids any gaps that may cause a finger trap situation.

Even as you start to close the doors you’ll see no sharp edges and peace of mind that fingers can’t get trapped between the doors

Highly insulated aluminium and glass for Thermal Efficiency

Thanks to advanced aluminium profiles and high specification glass you new Origin bifolding doors will keep the warm in and the cold out.

Origins thermally insulated frames work with our toughened, coated and argon filled glass units to maintain a stable temperature.

In the winter months this will keep your home warmer and help reduce your energy bills whilst still giving you light, space and great views outdoors.

For new build constructions or extensions, Origin doors exceed current Building Regulations L1 and L2. They’ve been independently tested by The British Fenestration Rating Council to a U Value of only 1.67Wm2K in accordance with current ISO Standards.


Bifold doors with superior locking.

As so many folding doors are installed at the rear of the home, peace of mind security is paramount.

Study their doors and you’ll notice a custom designed multi point locking system. Not only does it feature deep throw hooks but also full height faceplates, anti-bump cylinders and ultra secure handles.

The remaining leaves feature secure shoot bolts and high security hinges.

Orgins bi-fold doors have been tested to the stringent “Secured By Design” standards established by the Association of Chief Police Officers.

You can enjoy peace of mind that our doors are not only beautiful and functional but also highly secure.


Bifolding doors to be enjoyed not maintained.

Thanks to the finest materials and sophisticated hardware, our exceptional bifolding doors are designed for enjoyment with minimal maintenance.

A simple clean of your durable powder coated frames with a mild soapy solution is all that’s required to keep them looking like new.

A twice yearly application of silicone spray is all you need to do to keep the gaskets supple. For the locks and hinges simple lubrication a couple of times a year will keep your doors folding and locking as they should.

The unique free glide running system is what enables your doors to open an close with a minimum of effort. Despite their advanced designed this is totally maintenance free. Only routine cleaning of the track is all that’s required when you frequently open and close your doors.


Creating the seamless link between the inside and out.

One of the benefits of having a bifolding door is how they can connect the inside to the outside of your home. To make this happen a well designed threshold is important. The threshold on an Origin bifolding door has been carefully through out to cover most requirements.

The threshold is already one of the lowest on the market at only 66mm high. But you can sink the base track of the frame into the floor to create an ultra low threshold with minimum ‘step over’.

Every home is different. So deepening upon the inner and outer floor levels our threshold can give you a minimal height of just 12mm.


How can large folding doors open so smoothly?

A bifolding door can only be reliable if it is fitted with the very best hardware. Compare any folding door to a hinged door and you’ll instantly see how much more complex hinges and other hardware are.

Orgins unique free glide roller carriage is specially designed only for their doors. It features a long wheelbase solid aluminium carriage with four wheels that run inside a low threshold base track.

Each wheel is a little masterpiece in its own right. Made from the highest quality Type 6–6 nylon it resists heat, friction and degradation. Only the finest quality steel, fixings and other components go into making our doors that will work smoothly and effortlessly for years. This is why they’re the only ones with a 20 year guarantee.


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