Garage door remote controls, like mixer taps and dishwashers, are one of those useful domestic gadgets that once you have them, you wonder how on earth you managed without. They rarely let us down, but when they do, it can be a real issue, finding alternate safe parking, gaining access, security, along with the general inconvenience can cause a lot of problems.

A supply of replacement batteries, along with the manufacturer’s instruction manual to reprogram handsets is a very good plan, along with a spare handset, kept safe for just such an emergency can go some way towards alleviating problems and giving a little peace of mind.

Garage Door Remote Battery Replacement

As a general rule, a simple diagnostic test will point you in the right direction of potential issues with your remote unit, the wall mounted garage door opening system should always be your first port of call, if you press it, and it works as it should do; that tells you that there is an issue with the remote unit. The two most common issues are ones you might expect, dead batteries, or a remote that needs reprogramming.

If you’ve noticed recent issues with your remote working (maybe it’s become a little unreliable, and doesn’t always work for the first press) then it’s probably worth replacing the battery first and foremost, to see if that fixes the issue. The chances are very good that it will, however in some instances the unit might need reprogramming, full details on how to tackle these few simple steps can be found in the instruction manual that came with your unit, if you don’t have it then a look at the manufacturer’s website will usually prove useful, or you can always contact us for a no-obligation chat or advice.

Garage Door Safety

Out of nothing more than sheer convenience, most of us, when pulling into our garage also use it as a point of entry to get into our homes via the garage’s entry door.

It is more likely that the entry door into a home will not be as well protected as, say the front door to the property; it’s behind a locked garage door after all, right?

Well…Yes, but looking at things from another person’s point of view (perhaps a person who would like to gain entry to your home) then an entry point within a garage represents a quiet and private place to gain access, ideal for a burglar and a potential nightmare for the homeowner. By having a solid garage door installation can be the core to your home security. Furthermore, keep your remote unit with you at all times, never in your car, and keep track of spare units closely.

It is also worth noting that garage door remotes generally operate via radio frequencies, and radio frequencies are occasionally subject to interference, accidentally or intentionally; consider cutting the power to your garage door if you plan to be away from home for any length of time.

Seek Expert Advice

There has been a lot of legal friction in the past between companies who make garage door openers and companies who sell universal remote controls, while modern remote units have rolling codes that are consistently secure and very difficult to replicate, it can be very useful in the event of a failed garage door remote, to have a spare available. If you have any concerns regarding your remote or you require further garage door repairs, then please get in touch with SDM Garage Doors today.

There are a lot of genuine reasons to replace an entire garage door opening unit, such as old or noisy units, or very old ones without safety sensors or battery backup power in the event of a power cut; a faulty or powerless remote shouldn’t be one of them and with a little thought and planning in advance, most potential problems can be easily avoided.