If you have a garage door, then it will be designed in such a way that should allow it to move smoothly while it is being operated. It should be balanced both during opening and closing. If this is not the case, and if it seems somewhat unstable, then there is a high chance that it could come off the tracks and cause to damage to anything underneath it – whether that is your vehicle, yourself, or a family member.

If you have seen that your door is wonky when it is sitting in the opening, then you should try to fix this as soon as you possibly can. This article will help you to work out what the problem is, and give you some tips about how you can fix it, ensuring that it can stay in good working order. Before carrying out any repairs – always get advice from professionals in garage door repairs.

Garage Springs and Cables

These play a huge part in the way that your garage door works, so if there is anything wrong with them this could mean that your door is wonky or that it is no longer balanced as it should be. If your door isn’t straight then it might cause the cables to “jump”, which means that they are loose and could begin to unwind from the cable drum.

This issue can often be caused if your door has hit something while it has been moving, or if you have opened it too quickly at any point. If your cables are old then general wear could be responsible for any issues you’re experiencing now. Problems with your cables can affect alignment, which could mean that your door doesn’t close or lock properly. Clearly, this is a security issue and should be dealt with as soon as possible. Unless you have expert experience, you shouldn’t try to fix this problem yourself. Hire an expert to do it, and they will safely be able to get your springs and cables back to normal again.

Garage Door Tracks

If your garage door is an “up and over” design, it will run across tracks whilst in operation to make sure that everything is working properly. If this doesn’t run smoothly, then it might become lodged in the tracks while you’re trying to open or close the door. You might also find that warping can cause this issue over time, and the door might become stuck.

In order to stop this from being an issue, you should always make sure that you are maintaining your garage door properly. The following tips will help you to do this:
– Check regularly whether there is any dirt building up on the tracks. If there is, use a cloth or even a toothbrush to get rid of it. You should never use oil while doing this.
– Check the door on a regular basis for any signs that it has warped.
– Make sure that everything is in place and working properly, and if there is anything loose you should tighten it. Also, check whether any of the parts have rusted or worn, and if you find that this is a problem then you should get hold of a new part and replace it as soon as possible.

Get Professional Help

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