Windows are one of the most important parts of a house. If you have moved into a house with old, single-glazed or badly-insulated windows, it can be tempting to remove them and replace them with new double-glazed, energy-efficient UPVC windows.

Nonetheless, new is not always the best option and installing a set of UPVC windows may actually damage the value of your home. Here’s why.

Buyers are typically more sensitive to the appearance of a property’s windows than they are about almost any other feature, especially in period properties.

Replacing the vintage timber framed windows of a Victorian or Edwardian house with new – but poor-quality or badly fitted – UPVC windows can significantly decrease the value of a house.

Well-designed and well-fitted windows can add value to a property by creating a harmonious exterior. Ensuring that the windows of your house suit the property is an excellent way to add to its worth.

How much value do new windows add to a home?

Although the exact figures depend on your property and its location, new windows are a sure way to add value to your home.

One of the key ways in which the installation of UPVC windows will increase your home’s value is by increasing its insulation. This has the effect of boosting the energy efficiency of your property. Buyers will pay more for a home they don’t have to spend a lot to heat.

Although vintage timber window frames in good condition are full of character, if they have not been well maintained they will consist of rotten or flaking wood more than a century old. This will let damp and possibly insects into your home.

new UPVC window installation

Replacing these original frames with new wooden frames is an expensive option without the longevity of a more modern window material. The security, low-maintenance and high security of UPVC is better value for money and will be an attractive addition to the house in the eyes of prospective buyers.

How to adjust UPVC windows to suit the style of your house

Style is not the only thing to take into consideration when choosing UPVC windows for a period property. Standard window sizes are designed for modern houses and may not fit an older house.

One solution is to have bespoke imitation-vintage windows made to fit your property. This will however cost at least three times that of a standard UPVC window, making it a prohibitively expensive option for most people.

We supply Georgian bar effect windows designed specifically for period homes. Available in many colours from classic white to a dark wood finish that blends harmoniously with older properties, our windows come in such a wide range of sizes that bespoke manufacture is unnecessary.

At SDM Doors we know that windows can really make or break the look of your property. That’s why we sell UPVC windows in a whole range of shapes and sizes. No matter the style of your property, we have a window solution for you.

Get in touch and our expert team will be glad to help you find the perfect size of UPVC windows to suit your property.