Ever thought about automating your garage door? Now days opening your door by hand is a thing of the past. So many people are turning to the privilege of opening their garage door at the touch of a button. That doesn’t mean you have to have a new door installed though. As long as your existing door runs smoothly and doesn’t catch anywhere there is no reason it can’t be automated. All that is really needed to automate your door is headroom above the door for your new operator to be hung and power in the garage. Our installers are highly trained with all the new electrical regulations so if even if there is not power in your garage there are still options that can be discussed.

To automate a garage door is not as expensive as you might think. Doors can be automated from as little as £340+vat. All of our automating kits come with two remotes, a timed courtesy light and a manual override (in the event of a power failure) as standard. They also include in built safety features that will reverse the travel of the door if there is something in the path of it